欢迎词,下面小编推荐导游欢迎词大全,欢迎阅读,更多信息可继续留意范文大全!英语导游欢迎词【1】Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen 【称呼语】Welcome to,下面是作业高手网(www.zyfsgs.com)小编为大家收集的导游欢迎词范文大全|2016英语导游欢迎词,希望对大家有所帮助。



  Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. 【称呼语】

  Welcome to Panyu.【表示欢迎】

  Please sit down and relax. Your luggage will be sent to the hotel by another bus, so you don't haveto worry about it.【稳定游客情绪】

  Let me introduce my team first. Mr. Zhang is our driver. He has 25 years of driving. My name is Gao xiaoming, your tour guide, you may just call me Miss Gao, which is my surname. We're from the China International Travel Service(CITS), Panyu Branch. On behalf of CITS Panyu and my colleagues, I'd like to welcome to you all.【略作介绍,再表欢迎】

  During your stay in our city, we'll do everything possible to make your visit a happy experience. If you have any problems or requests, please don't hesitate to let me know. 【提出建议】

  You're going to stay at Panyu Hotel, a luxurious, five-star hotel. The hotel is in downtown, it is easy access to many places of interests in Panyu. And you'll be staying our city for two and a half days. 【提醒入住地点和时间】

  There is one thing I must warn you against. You must remember the number of our bus. The number is 84645555. let me repeat: 84645555. 【提醒游巴电话】

  I hope you'll enjoy your stay in our city!


  Good morning, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to China! Welcome to x! With such great joy, on behalf of CITS, I’d like to extend our warm welcome to all of you. At first please allow me to say a few words about myself, My name is Wanli, you can simply call me xiao Wan. And this is our driver, Mr. Liu, who has been driving for more than twenty years, so don’t worry about your journey when you are using this tour bus. If you have some questions, please ask me, I’ll do all my best to answer it. At last, I also hope that during your short stay in Wuhan, you can not only satisfy your eyes and stomach, but also experience the real Chinese culture and have a better understanding of the Chinese people and its on-going reform, which shaped the greatness of China.

  Ladies and gentlemen: The time has gone by quickly and your trip to x is drawing to a close. It’s a pity that you can’t stay in our country any longer. Allow me , then, to take this opportunity to say something by way of a farewell.

  I would like to tell you that it had been a great pleasure for me to spend the last few days as your guide. I have had the opportunity to meet and get to know you, and we have spend much time together. I hope you have enjoyed these last few days as much as I have. I wish to thank you all for the cooperation and support you have given me in the past several days. I’d like to add that you are the best group we’ve ever been with.

  As you have probably observed, x is developing very quickly. I sincerely hope that you can come back in the future and to be you guide.

  Once again, I wish everybody have a pleasant journey in x!



  早上好!很高兴能够在这个风和日丽的日子里与大家相识,首先自我介绍一下,我姓于,在座的可以可以称呼我为小于,这样显得更为亲切一些!!小于是xxx旅行社的一名专职导游,也是大家这次去xx的全程陪同导游!!在我旁边的驾驶座上的这位是我们此行的司机师傅,姓x,大家可以称呼他:x师傅,那接下去的这两天呢,就得辛苦x师傅为我们大家保驾护航了, 那说到师傅呢,小曾在这里问大家一个问题啊,请问大家知道师傅的特长是什么:……是三心二意。为什么我要这么说呢,大家可以不要想错了啊,三心是:开车小心,态度热心,服务耐心,二意是:开起车来一心一意,对待客人全心全意,








  3,今天晚上我们要住在xx的,大家住的是双标房,大家可以自己拼,两个人两个人一间房。拿到房卡后先不要急着休息,先检查一下门和窗户锁得上锁不上,然后再检查空调和电视的遥控器是不是有,毛巾\杯子\是不是都有双份,要是没有可以打电话到总台,叫服务员送过来,宾馆里的床单毛巾不是都白色的么,大家在使用的过程中也请注意,不要染上其它的颜色 这样的话就可以在第二天早上退房的时候减少不必要的麻烦了


  5、各位是以一个团队的形式出游的,在时间方面小曾希望大家都可以准时,不要迟到,因为一个人迟到而让整个团的人都等你,在这里我征求大家意见,我们订个小规距,要是哪个人迟到了,就罚他唱歌,要是再次迟到就罚他给大家加菜,那各位对我提的这个建议同意吗? 都默认了是吧,那好,到时候小x希望各位可以自觉遵守

  6、出门旅游,旅游车就是我们的第二个家,希望可以保持车里的清洁,不要在车上吸烟,需要垃圾袋可以我讲, 同时也记一下我们这个车的车牌号,„„

  那我就讲这么多的注意事项希望各位不要嫌小x啰嗦哈 ,车程有x个小时,我们中途会进服务区停车,给大家一定的时间休息下,顺便唱唱歌,那你们知道唱歌是什么意思吗?